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Simply House Improvements sets the standard for the painting industry by providing our clients quality products, professional service, and unsurpassed industry knowledge, with the very highest degree of integrity. Painting your home is just a small part of what we do. Our highest priority is building relationships with our customers that last a lifetime. We achieve this by creating an exceptional experience for you, doing more than what we say we will, and delivering a quality paint job on your home. Quality is also one of the most important things to consider when choosing a painting company. Quality paint and proper application will ensure that you don’t have to paint again in a year.

Quality paint, applied properly doesn’t always ensure a remarkable experience. Cleanliness is also very important. Paint can be messy, but that doesn’t mean your home should be trashed during a painting project. We leave every job clean and orderly. We take the necessary precautions to protect carpet, furniture, plants, etc. from paint splatter. After all, that’s why you’re hiring a professional, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for a painting company that you can trust to provide a quality paint job and painting experience, then we hope you’ll consider Simply House Improvements. We take our jobs seriously, and we are on a mission to deliver an amazing experience for our clients. Every time.

Simply House Improvements Paint Estimate

Room Design
Wall Height    Feet
Room Width    Feet
Room Length    Feet
Number Of Doors   
Number Of Windows   
Anticipated Paint Coverage
Application Coat Coverage Square Feet    Per Gallon
Base Coat Coverage Square Feet    Per Gallon
Applications Method
Brush Or Roll   
Number Of Applications
Include No Base Coat   
Include 1 Base Coat   
Costs Involved
Application Paint Cost $ Per Gallon
Base Paint Cost $ Per Gallon
Paint Labor Hourly Cost $ Per Hour
Paint Labor Estimated Time # Hours
Paint Labor Per Square Foot $ Per SqFt
Room Details
Include Ceiling In Paintable Calculation
Unchecking The Above Box Eliminates ALL Ceiling Calculations
Include Standard Texture Ceiling
Include Acoustical Texture Ceiling
Check Both Ceiling Boxes If Very Dry Or If Acoustical Tile
Include Textured Walls
Include Heavy Textured Walls
Check Both Wall Boxes If Exceptionally Dry
Very Arid Or Desert Climate

Simply House Improvements Calculated Estimates for painting
Basic Room Square Footage   
Basic Room Total Square Footage   
Basic Room Paintable Square Footage   
Square Footages Below Are Calculated By Typical Options For Paint Coverage
And Depict The NORMAL Square Footage That The Paint Volume SHOULD Cover
It Is NORMAL For Those Calculations To Reach 3 Times The Base Square Footage
Rounded Application Paintable Square Footage   
Rounded Base Paintable Square Footage   
Calculated Application Paintable Square Footage   
Calculated Base Paintable Square Footage   
Approximate Gallons Of Application Paint To Purchase   
Approximate Gallons Of Base Paint To Purchase   
Calculated Gallons Of Application Paint Required   
Calculated Gallons Of Base Paint Required   
Calculated Expense Of Application Paint Required $
Calculated Expense Of Base Paint Required $
Calculated Expense Of All Paint Required $
Calculated Expense Of Labor Required $
Calculated Total Expense Of This Room $