Hardwoods Repair and Install

There is nothing quite like having hardwood flooring in your home. Not only does hardwood flooring look great on its own, it also brings another dimension to just about any room that you put it in. Flooring adds that special zing to the room, and it allows a different color scheme to emerge. Both laminate and hardwood flooring age well, allowing you to save your cash.

Better When Left to Professionals

Why give yourself the hassle of installing hardwood or laminate flooring? Do you have all of the correct tools? What if you run into a sub-floor that has humps and low spots? How will you know if you nailed the first piece in perfectly straight? Don’t end up with squeaks or gaps. Go straight to the professionals.

Simply House Improvements are experts and have the special tools and the knowledge to correctly install your flooring. Our professionals use special nails and other tools to make ensure the best quality of installation for any kind of flooring you may have.

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For a hassle free installation

Free estimates for manufacturer name, style, color, and yardage/square footage for any wood or laminate flooring
Save up to 70% off select wood products
Total turnkey services provided: includes standard installation; taking up your old hardwoods, moving bulk furniture, etc.
Step binding available 48 hour turnaround from order to installation in most cases
Installation of both finished and unfinished wood flooring sand, stain and refinishing with polyurethane sealer on unfinished floors
Installation as well as floor repairs sub floor replacement, wood repairs.